Confluence Markup Cheat Sheet from tgdchmi2. This cheat sheet contains most used markup syntax for Atlassian Confluance, a few often used. Confluence Markup Cheat Sheet by Michael Christen (tgdchmi2) via Attention. (1) . Markup (Wiki Syntax). {quote} Multiple-line quote {quote}. Colored text, {color:green}Colored text{color}. Underlined (inserted) text, +Underlined (inserted) text+. Deleted text, -Deleted.

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Most of the time, explicit paragraph breaks are not required – The wiki renderer will be able to paginate your paragraphs properly.

Confluence Support

Creates a link to an external resource, special characters that come after the URL and are not part of it must be separated with a space. The [] around external links are optional in the case you do not want to use any alias for the link.

Creates a download link to a file on your computer or on a network share that you conflunece mapped to a drive. To access the file, you must right click on the link and choose “Save Target As”.

By default, this only works on Internet Explorer but can also be enabled in Firefox see docs.

A numbered list must be in first column. Use morefor deeper indentations. If a fully qualified URL is given the image will be displayed from the remote source, otherwise an attached image file is displayed. Insert a thumbnail of the image into the page only works with images that are attached to the page.


Some attachments of a specific type can be embedded into a wiki renderable field from attached files.

Other types of files can be used, but may require the specification of the “classid”, “codebase” and “pluginspage” properties in order dheat be recognised by web browsers. Due to security issues, files located on remote servers are not permitted Styling By default, each embedded object is wrapped in a “div” tag.

conflhence If you wish to style the div and its contents, override the “embeddedObject” CSS class. Specifying an ID as a property also allows you to style different embedded objects differently. Makes a preformatted block of text with no syntax highlighting. Embraces a block of text within a fully customizable panel. The optional parameters you can define are the following ones: Makes a preformatted block of code with syntax highlighting.

To make an entire paragraph into a block quotation, place “bq. Some block quoted congluence. Quote a block of text that’s longer than one paragraph. Changes the color of a block of text. Creates a line break.

Not often needed, most of the time the wiki renderer will guess new lines for you appropriately.

Text Formatting Notation Help – Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.

Creates an internal hyperlink to the specified anchor or attachment. Appending the ‘ ‘ sign followed by an anchor name will lead into a specific bookmarked point of the desired page.


Creates a link to an email address, complete with mail icon. Creates a bookmark anchor inside the sbeet. You can then create links directly to that anchor. Creates a link to the user profile page of a particular user, with a user icon and the user’s full name.

A bulleted list must be in first column. A list item with -several lines create a single list. You can even go with any kind of mixed nested lists Example: Inserts an image into the page. Embeds an object in a page, taking in a comma-separated of properties. Use double bars for a table heading row.

The code given here produces a table that looks like: Title of the panel borderStyle: The style of the border this panel uses solid, cheqt and other valid CSS border styles borderColor: The color of the border this panel uses borderWidth: The width of the border this panel uses bgColor: The background color of this panel titleBGColor: The background color of the title section of this panel Example: My Title a block of text surrounded with a panel yet another line.