A massive algae bloom that turned the Dead Sea red in the s convinced scientists that there was life in that famous inland salt lake after all. the sea, we must confine our attention to planktonic algae. Nevertheless dead tissues and secondly the production of attached microalgae which undergoes. A Deltares software program to model multi-species algae growth Use the File type dropdown box to specify the right type and click Select for . discharge location, an estuary, a harbour, a regional sea, etc. The very fine organic particles of living and dead algae and the silt and clay fractions can.

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A massive algae bloom that turned the Dead Sea red in the s convinced scientists that there was life in that famous inland salt lake after all. Remarkably thriving at the mouth of these underwater springs are new varieties of microorganisms, some never before described by science. After several dives, he and his research partner, Christian Lott, took pictures and brought up evidence of carpets of bacteria in many of the places surrounding the springs.

Nobody found photosynthetic microbial mats [before], big mats covering rocks.

Dead Sea – Wikipedia

We have results, which will be published soon. Diving deep into the waters of the Dead Sea required extreme diving equipment with an unusually large number of weights to counteract the effect of the super-buoyant surface.

The divers took samples of the underwater mats, which they are now studying with the aim of issuing more reports on the species and behavior of the microorganisms that seem to derive their energy source from sulfur.

Ionescu says that the novel scientific find could reveal additional environmental information on consequences should the proposed Red Sea-Dead Sea Canal be built. On the northern tip, Jordan River water no longer runs to the Dead Sea as it once did, due to a prolonged drought. The result is a major net loss of water every year, causing deadly sinkholes and a threat to the thriving Dead Sea hotel tiletype.


But environmentalists have argued that bringing in Red Sea water would upset the delicate balance of salt and minerals that have made the Dead Sea a unique ecosystem. Could this new research by Ionescu give more firepower to environmentalists seeking to protect the Dead Sea?

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Dead Sea divers discover new forms of life

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