Most pediatric dentists in the United. Kingdom and North America1,2 use formocresol pulpotomy for vital pri- mary pulp therapy. In the United Kingdom. Permanent teeth with necrotic pulps can be treated with the same procedure that is used for the treatment of similarly involved deciduous molars—a two-step. Formocresol pulpotomy Formocresol was introduced in by Buckley, who contended that equal parts of formalin and tricresol.

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Evaluation of formocresol, calcium hydroxide, ferric sulfate, and MTA primary molar pulpotomies

A 2-year follow-up of primary molars, pulpotomized with a gentle technique and capped with calcium hydroxide. Therapeutic pulpotomy in primary molars with formocresol technique- clinical and histological follow-up.

Are you still using formocresol? Chronically inflamed pulp may be initially symptom free, pulpoyomy acute exacerbation may occur. Formocresol, still a controversial material for pulpotomy: As in many articles,[ 101516 ] IR was regarded as a failure in this study.

formocrespl The criteria for tooth selection for inclusion were no clinical and radiographic evidence of pulp pathology. The effectiveness of mineral trioxide aggregate, calcium hydroxide and formocresol for pulpotomies in primary teeth. A total of primary molars with deep caries were treated with four different pulpotomy medicaments FC: Int J Paediatr Dent. The effect of pulpotomy using CO2 and Nd: Symptomless, cariously exposed vital teeth. Calcium hydroxide paste as a wound dressing.

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Evaluation of formocresol, calcium hydroxide, ferric sulfate, and MTA primary molar pulpotomies

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Tissue lead levels in dogs with RC-2B root canal fillings. The parents of the children received detailed information concerning the procedures, benefits, and possible risks involved in the study and signed informed consent forms.

Footnotes Source of Support: Effects of calcium hydroxide-containing pulp-capping agents on pulp cell migration, proliferation, and differentiation. The pharmacology of benzyl alcohol and its esters. Formocresol versus laser surgery.

In pediatric dentistry, pulpotomy is a common therapy performed in a primary molar with extensive caries but without evidence of radicular pathology when caries removal results in a carious or mechanical pulp exposure. The most common failure fodmocresol IR that was seen in all groups. Calcium hydroxide, ferric sulfate, formocresol, MTA, pulpotomy. Author information Copyright and License information Foormocresol.

The pharmacologic and toxicological properties of zinc oxide-eugenol. Naik S, Hegde AM.

Pulp tissue reaction to formocresol and zinc oxide eugenol. YAG lasers on dental pulp tissue. In a histological study, pulp responses of a formaldehyde-based Pulpotec cement and a haemostatic agent, collagen particles were reported to be similar. Although there were no differences between materials, only in the CH group did three teeth require extraction due to further clinical symptoms of radiographic failures during the month follow-up period.

IR after pulpotomy is the most common finding and the most speculated- about. J Am Dent Assoc ; Any radiographic evidence of pulp canal obliteration PCO was not regarded as a failure or success. In Holan et al. Fundamentals of Pediatric Dentistry.


Occup Environ Med ; New modalities for old rationales. Ferric sulfate versus dilute formocresol in pulpotomized primary molars: Ibricevic H, al-Jame Q. Modulation of polymorphonuclear leukocyte adherence by pulpotomy medicaments: Antibody formation to dog pulp tissue altered by formocresol within the root canal. The satisfactory results for MTA may be due to hard tissue formation properties and good sealing ability. Although the radiographic failure rates of these two groups were similar, further clinical failure of radiographic pathologic findings was more common in the CH.

Formaldehyde-induced cytotoxicity and sister-chromatid exchanges in human lymphocyte cultures. Loss of DNA-protein crosslinks from formaldehyde exposed cells occurs through spontaneous hydrolysis and an active repair process linked to proteosome function. A sterile cotton pellet was moistened with the FC solution and blotted dry on another sterile pellet.

Formocresol and calcium hydroxide therapy. In various studies, primary teeth were restored with a stainless steel crown SSC after endodontic treatments.