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Consultant Mike McVay offers 0 practical strategies for defending your franchise. VP Gerry Boehme details how matching these goals to the right stations can help move more merchandise.

But the format’s growth potential was stymied by the inability of advertisers to measure its audience – mainly because Arbitron only keeps track of listeners who are years old or fora. Mass Media Bureau Chief Bob Radcliffe, “The Commission has no interest that I’m aware of in making inquiries of every [Stern] affiliate as to whether they aired the material.

He succeeds Rick Alden, who exited after 5 years with the label. In general, younger respondents and males were most adept at setting their buttons. However, the buttons remain a mystery to many: And nearly foorma quarter of those polled either had someone else program the buttons or left them as they were when they got the car.

Children’s Dynamics Arbitron said it developed the fr0600 “to examine the dynamics of the children’s radio audience and to develop reliable methods to measure the children’s audience and the adults with whom they live. If we can give radio broadcasters information that demonstrates the medium’s power to reach kids, we’ll be one step closer to unlocking a lucrative new advertising market for the radio industry.

Several well -known personalities, including Jim Lange, Don St. Johnn, and Buddy Hatton, were let go in the transition, along with a number of parttimers. In the Spring ’93 Arbitron survey, “Magic 6” placed fifth among 49 rated signals with a 4.

The advertising community wasn’t supporting the product. Breen retains his corporate duties, but will relocate to Philadelphia. I’ll also enjoy getting back into programming and station operations, which have always been my first loves in the radio business. The event – staged at Mountain View’s Shoreline Amphitheatre – raised more than S00, for local nonprofit organizations involved in the fight against drug abuse and gang violence.

Observers at the time felt the decision would have “relatively little impact” on radio trading and prices. Also Celebrating 0 Years Of Excellence: Communication Graphics Inc was PD.

Taylor noted, “Craig has a proven Soft AC track record and is very familiar with this market. I’m confident that he’ll be a tremendous addition to the staff. He’s an outstanding guy who will do a good job. Four MDs share listening strategies 37 AC: Los Angeles, California Annual subscription plan rorma the weekly newspaper plus two Ratings Report S Directory issues and other special publications.

Refunds are form based on the actual value of issues recei’ed prior to cancellation. Nonrefundable quarterly rates available. All reasonable care taken but no responsibility assumed for unsolicited material. Lion reproduction and may therefore be used for this purpose. Nothing may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from the Publisher. It also outlined its criteria for cutting licensees some slack when they break the formx.


Released last week, the revised forfeiture policy lowers the base fines established in 99 for a variety of operating regulations, including the lottery, tower lighting, power limit, EBS equipment, sponsor ID, and station ID rules. The revised policy also reiterates that agency enforcers have the power to boost base fines under a variety of circumstances, including cases where the licensee’s conduct is “egregious,” results in a significant economic gain, fr000 is part rorma a rule violation pattern.

According to a source familiar with the debate over the new rules, Commissioner Andrew Barrett is pressing for a hike in EEO penalties that exceeds the level acceptable to acting Chairman James Quello. In a compromise move, the f0600 agreed to release this batch of revisions with the understanding that new, higher EEO penalties will be issued in the near future.

The NAB expressed fr600 with the downward revisions but remains dissatisfied with the fact that the FCC implemented both the ‘9 and ’93 policies without seeking public comment. In fact, NAB is part of a coalition of telecommunications industry groups that sued the agency seeking to overturn the 99 policy. Jacor said the proposed addition to Cox’s Atlanta media empire violates FCC rules with or without a proposed change to the station’s coverage pattern.

Current owner NewCity Communications has filed a proposal to modify WYAI’s signal so its vorma misses a small corner of Atlanta – Cox’s purchase is contingent on a grant of that technical change.

The contract price is nine times cash flow for the preceding months. The sale was held up by an EEO complaint and a petition to deny against Spectacor. But the analyst doesn’t expect sticker shock to give Karmazin any second thoughts about the deal “as long as Infinity believes the cash flow is sustainable and not a one -time fluke. In a 99 complaint filed with the Maryland Commission on Human Rights MCHREbbert alleged that she was stripped of accounts and ultimately terminated in retaliation for her campaign to block Duchossois’s efforts to remove her speech- impaired husband, Damian Einstein, from his midday airshift.

However, an MCHR administrative law judge found that Ebbert failed to prove a relationship between her dismissal and her work on behalf of Einstein. In fact, according to the judge, Ebbert engaged in a “continuing and escalating course of conflict with [Duchossois] management;’ was “increasingly confrontational and inappropriate” in her demeanor, and was rightly terminated for “insubordinate and disruptive conduct. I definitely plan to appeal. EZ Communications is the latest success story among radio groups selling stock to the public.

The Commission refused to waive a rule that forbids any settlement payments to challengers before the initial decision phase of a comparative hearing.

It also refused to delay the comparative hearing, which is scheduled to begin August 3.

Furao Catlogo Kennametal – [PDF Document]

Class had claimed that its situation was unique because criminal convictions of GAF’s parent company and one of its former officers were overturned on appeal, and federal prosecutors decided not to proceed with another trial.

The criminal charges had been at the center of Class’s claim that GAF was unfit to be a licensee. Osborn owns nine radio stations in six markets. It also operates TV stations, Muzak franchises, entertainment properties, and specialized cable TV systems serving hospitals. The number of shares increased from 38, to 3 million.

Jacor owns 3 radio stations in six markets, the Georgia Network, and a cable TV system. This year’s edition of the NAB Radio Show Dallas, September 8 – will include a confidential job search service, “Job Quest ’93;’ designed to put management – level job seekers in touch with prospective employers and facilitate the interview process – all with the utmost discretion.


Broadcasters as researchers who help you develop “The Plan ” – a step -by -step action plan for positioning, programming and marketing.


SinceColeman Research’s strategic team of advisors has worked with America’s most successful broadcasters providing high quality research and plans that have torma positioned hundreds of stations. Build an action plan to enhance your station’s position. Want more than mountains of data? Learn more about The Plan Developer. Call Coleman Research today at Begin work on the most important plan of all. Shubert is trustee of other stations and receiver for two stations.

Heritage Broadcasting Group Inc. This is not a foram deal. Interest -only payments are due for the first 8 months, with a payment for the entire principal due the 9th month. Christopher Murray of Panama City, acquiring a 4.

Turn it on in your market and watch light up the streets! Rollings Communications of Tuscola Inc. Group deal creating two separate duopolies with the buyer’s existing stations: Northern Michigan Radio Inc. Northern Broadcast is a wholly owned subsidiary of Northern Bottling Co.

Capstar Communications of Jackson Inc. Steven Hicks of Austin. Sillerman and President R. Charles Greeson, and David Walker. Bridgewater Broadcasting Company Inc. This station is dark. Ft0600 contract also states the seller is in default under the loan agreement, dated August, Bradmark Broadcasting Company Inc.

The buyer is programming this station under an LMA. North Penn Broadcasting Inc. Each banner is printed on high quality, sunstabilized, 4 or 6 mil plastic film from 3 inches to 36 inches in width. We can print up to four colors of ink per banner. Depending on the configuration of your logo, you can get either or 69 bannen on a ‘ roll.

It’s easy to use Indoors or outdoors, Roll -A -Sign gets your message across and is ideal to give away at concerts and other public events. Fax us your station’s logo along with the specifics on color separations, and we will give you a free quote.

Spend all the money on TV you want, but you won’t get the fans of one to listen to another. Increasingly, successful stations focus on their core, and the audiences of format competitors and sharing stations.

DMR supplies sophisticated analysis, profiling, mapping and modeling to reveal your true potential audience. Then we develop an integrated marketing strategy-and creative solutions to convert these listeners. These tactics include complete predictive telemarketing and customized direct mail services, interactive technology and database bonding programs.

Let Direct Marketing Results find the people who will like you. Before your competitor does. The marketing solutions team. OH 53 Giant Records vet Susan Mark – heim has been elevated to head of International at the label. She will be responsible for coordination of all Giant international releases and the development of overseas market- Markhelm ing and promotion plans in conjunction with Giant’s overseas distributor, BMG International.

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