View and Download Option Audio GlobeSurfer III technical reference manual online. GlobeSurfer III Network Router pdf manual download. View and Download Option Audio GlobeSurfer III user manual online. Gateway. GlobeSurfer III Gateway pdf manual download. Welcome to the GlobeSurfer® III, your 3G wireless gateway router that connects you to the internet, allows you to make and For the newest firmware ver-.

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The following fields are displayed: Page The top part manuql the configuration window displays general communication parameters. Press Browse to locate the configuration file. The message text is shown. Remote Administration To access the Remote Administration screen, click the Remote Administration tab at the top right hand side of the Management screen in the System area.

Access Control make legitimate use of IP fragments. Questions and answers can be found on our Support web-site: It has your name and some information about you on it, plus the signature of the person who issued it to you. Finish The last page of the Installation Wizard shows all the settings made on previous pages.

Although all security precautions are taken during the creation of this user guide Option is not liable toward persons or organisations for losses or damages caused either directly or indirectly due to instructions contained in this user guide.

Check the Edit the Newly Created Connection check box if you wish to be routed to the new connection’s configuration screen after clicking Finish.

Destination Ports, then choose from the drop down list: You can only use files with an rmt extension when performing the firmware upgrade procedure.

A geographically widespread network that might include many linked local area networks. Moreover, restrictions can be applied to a comprehensive and automatically updated table of sites to which access is not recommended.

Normally there are certain conditions that must be fulfilled to be able to unlock the device.


To enable the firewall on this network connection, select the Enabled check box. You can also refer to the router’s manual for instructions on how to upgrade the firmware. Don’t show me this message again. Page 54 Additionally, port forwarding enables you to redirect traffic to a different port instead of the one to which it was designated.


Option Audio GlobeSurfer III User Manual

Network Objects Destination Ports, then choose from the drop down list: Select a protocol and enter the relevant information. This is a specification for connecting users on an Ethernet network to the Internet by using a broadband connection typically through a DSL modem. You can define specific input and output rules, control the order of logically similar sets of rules and make a distinction between rules that apply to WAN and LAN devices. Press the OK button to begin the configuration file uploading process.

When first logging on to the management console, the Login screen will appear. Setting the SSID to something unique will make it much easier to identify your own wireless network, especially if there are other wireless networks available in the nearby area.

Protocol A set of rules that computers use to communicate with each other over a network. Page 88 timeserver address by clicking the New Entry link at the bottom of the section. Home From this screen you can click on the tabs at the top left hand side to route to the following screens: Select the language you want to use.


Setup Connecting your computer or home network to glohesurfer gateway is a simple procedure, varying slightly depending on your operating system. Objects And Rules number of packets transmitted and received, round-trip time and success status. You can enable logging of blocked packets of specific types by disabling this option, and enabling some ii the more specific options below it.

You will need to allow IP fragments to pass into the home network in order to make use of these select services. It is case-sensitive and must not exceed 32 characters use any of the characters on the keyboard. System Log Press the Refresh button to refresh the screen manually.


Enter the path of the software image file, or press the Globesurter button to browse for the firmware upgrade file on your PC. Firewall internal – an accompanying explanation from the firewall internal mechanism will be added in globesurger this event-type is recorded. When data arrives at one port, it is copied to the other ports. The Windows default network settings dictate that in most cases the setup procedure described below will be unnecessary. Note that only one LAN computer can be assigned to provide a specific service or application: Such a user has access to any disk shares available in your network.

If your GlobeSurfer III router is not working as it should, dropping connections or not being responsive, you should first do a reset of the router to see if the problems persist. The firewall regulates the flow of data between the home network and the Internet. Page 43 to this request, that determines whether a session can be established or not. By setting port triggering rules, you can allow inbound traffic to arrive at a specific LAN host, using ports different than those used for the outbound traffic.

Press the Cancel button to reject changes and go back to the Home screen. Wireless Page 19 – Installation Wizard: You will be routed to the Edit Hour Range screen see below. Page 41 network devices. The NAT Network Address Translation screen allows you to hide the computers in your network so they cannot be found or directly accessed from outside your network. This screen offers the facility to translate network addresses.

The current language setting will be restored if you do not apply the settings. Click on New Entry – this routes to the Edit Item screen see section 8.

Designating a DMZ host globesurer also put other computers in the home network at risk. Edit Scheduler Rule This screen allows the editing of scheduler rules.