Human Diagnostics – HumaLyzer Convertible and versatile., Due to its low minimum reaction volume of µL the HumaLyzer is ideal for. Humalyzer Semi-Automatic Photometer with large display. Product Information. Wavelengths , , , , , nm and free pasitions; Total of. Service Technicians Clinical Lab Forum Humalyzer Service And Operator Manual RUI SANTOS Ministery of Health – Cabo Verde Hi.

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Moreover, its reagent cuvettes and controls are extremely stable and have a shelf life of 3 years.

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The last day of the fair at this year’s Medica was also 300 last A confirmation has been sent to you, please click the link to verify your email address and activate your subscription. Store up to 2, results and transfer them to a LIS system. Ascom appoints Ljubisav Matejevic to lead the Strategic Alliances business. HumaLyzer Semi-Automatic Photometer with large display Wavelengths,nm and free pasitions Total of programmable methods English and Spanish software optional Memory humalyzr samples, QC, calibration Large 40 column bumalyzer thermal printer LCD display x pixels and ext.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Additionally, the easy-to-use kits offer a high reliability due to the usage of an internal control.

Kit formats LCF is integrated in the respective test kit reagents and works Complete kit includes all components necessary for a test while the samples are incubated. They deliver results rapidly, require only a minimal volume of capillary blood and come as a convenient starter pack with practical accessories.

Due to this AHD ist the only 2 x 1. Both instruments are easy to use and provide reliable and fast results.


Humqlyzer you need state-ofthe-art, ergonomically designed and highly accurate pipettes, then the HumaPette Smart-Line is your perfect option! English, Spanish optional or Russian optional Up to 8 out of 12 different wavelengths nm: The photometer can be equipped individually with up to 8 out of 12 different filters. HUMAN offers instruments with various capacities designed for laboratories from low to high throughput.

The portable HumaMeter Hbplus follows a unique concept combining ease of use and flexibility in application. All reagents meet the high European IVD quality standards.

They are easy to use, require no instrumentation and allow for a cost-effective diagnosis. HumEQAS adds confidence by enabling the comparison of test results of peer laboratories all over the world that are hkmalyzer identical or comparable instrumentation.

Humalyzzer systems can only be used with either Combina 11 S or with Combina 13 strips. HumaSed mix HumaSed 25mix 59 Hematology HumaCount 3-Part and 5-Part Systems The automated 3- and 5-part differential hematology systems with 22 and 26 parameters are reliable and easy to use. Medicusa Vienna-based digital health company, is proud to announce HumaLyzer Photometers The compact semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzers are perfectly suited for small laboratories and as backup solutions.

Manul compact semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzers are perfectly suited for small laboratories and as backup solutions.

HUMAN offers a comprehensive range of standard immunoassays for the determination of fertility. The assay range comprises enzymes, substrates, and electrolyte assays with 0300 precision and long stability. Street address Max-Plank-Ring 21.

HUMAN offers both 3-part and 5-part differential systems with special developed and dedicated reagents suitable for human and veterinary applications. Flexible washing protocols can be programmed; programs for shaking and incubation are also freely definable. Today, the clinical performance of plastic PET blood collection tubes is equivalent or even better compared to glass tubes.


They are suited for traditional tube, slide and microplate techniques. Testing results are compared to peer laboratories measuring the same blinded samples.

Humalyzer 3000

HumEQAS allows laboratories to regularly evaluate their performance by measuring blinded samples of control sera as if they were patient samples. However, such pretreatment tion date printed on the kit or vial label, when stored at the steps are time-consuming and error-prone.

The determination of antibodies to pathogens or the pathogen antigen itself is the basic tool in infectious disease serology for the examination of the presence and progression of a disease and individual immune status. Molecular assays are able to identify viruses, bacteria and parasites more rapidly with higher sensitivity and specificity than traditional methods. Allergy Test for the detection of total IgE as an aid in the diagnosis of allergies.

The offered Fibrinogen reagent is a functional assay intended for the quantitative determination of fibrin clot formation Clauss Method in human plasma to identify fibrinogen defects. Results available in 5 minutes. All feature validated applications, high quality reagents with long shelf lives and on board stabilities, ensuring the highest cost efficiency and result reliability.