Dawsonia is a genus of acrocarpous mosses. Dawsonia, along with other members of the order Division: Bryophyta. Class: Polytrichopsida. Subclass: Polytrichidae. Order: Polytrichales. Family: Polytrichaceae. Genus: Dawsonia. R. Br., Polytrichum is a genus of mosses — commonly called haircap moss or hair moss — which Plantae. Division: Bryophyta. Class: Polytrichopsida. Subclass: Polytrichidae. Order: Polytrichales. Family: Polytrichaceae. Genus: Polytrichum. Hedw. Lunularia cruciata, the crescent-cup liverwort, is a liverwort of order Lunulariales, and the only . Liverwort genera · Monotypic bryophyte genera · Bryophyta of North America · Flora of Europe · Flora of California · Flora of New Zealand.

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For the bryozoan genus, see Lunularia bryozoan. Ditrichum Hampe Dixonia Horik. Most mosses simply have a single plate of cells on the leaf surface, but those of Polytrichum have more highly differentiated photosynthetic tissue. The underleaves are usually smaller bdyophyta the lateral leaves and sometimes lacking. Ceuthotheca Lewinsky Chaetomitriopsis M. Murray Andreaeobryaceae Steere — Type: Timokoponenia Zanten Timotimius W. Streptotrichum Herzog Strombulidens W.

Rbyophyta help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. About 8, species of liverworts have been namedGenus Marchantia, Riccia The gametophyte generation may be leafy like a klasiikasi, or thallose, often bilaterally symmetrical and lobed, Hepatophyta Liverwort Tumbuhan lumut paling primitif dan sederhana, tidak memiliki stomata, kutikula dan sel berkas angkut. Trichostomum Bruch Tridontium Hook.


Their sporophytes have conducting systems analogous to those of vascular plants. Quandt Fabronia Raddi Fabroniaceae Schimp.

Dawsonia (plant) – Wikipedia

Drummondiaceae Goffinet — Type: Orthodontiaceae Goffinet — Type: Thalloid LiverwortsBest known species are in the genus Marchantia. Thalloid LiverwortsIn Marchantia, the antheridia and archegonia are located on stalked receptacles antherediophores and archegoniophores. Metaneckera Steere Meteoriaceae Kindb.

Tan Orthomnion Wilson Orthorrhynchiaceae S. We hope that this klasifiikasi version will be useful. Spence Phyllodrepaniaceae Crosby — Type: Bescherellia Duby, Cyrtopus Brid.

Sphaerothecium Hampe Sphagnaceae Dumort. Sciuro-hypnum Hampe Hampe Sciuroleskea Broth.

Klasifikasi Bryophyta (Part I) 260214

It is speculated that the teeth along the leaf’s edge may aid in this process, or perhaps also that they help discourage small invertebrates from attacking the leaves. Daun ventralDaun dorsalDaun ventralPenggolongan Bryophyta berdasarkan KemotaksonomiPenggolongan Bryophyta berdasarkan kemotaksonomi adalah dari kandungan metabolit sekunder bryophgta dihasilkannya dan terdapat pada oil bodies badan minyak pada Bryophyta.

English Names for British Bryophytes. Less common vernacular names include bird wheat and pigeon wheat.

Cyathothecium Dixon Cyclodictyon Mitt. We have also corrected some of the authorities listed by us for supraordinal taxa, and followed Stech and Frey who correctly identified the earliest combinations.

Class Bryopsida True mosses Differences between liverworts, hornworts and mossesCharactersLiverwortsHornwortsMossesLeaves rowswithout leavesspirally, rarely rowsOil bodiesusually presentlackinglackingRhizoidsunicellularunicellularpluricellularParaphysesusually lackinglackingusually presentSporophytesgrowing by an apical cellgrowing by a basal meristemgrowing by an apical cellPeristomeslackinglackingusually presentOperculumslackinglackingpresentElaterspresentpresentlackingPhylogeny of Bryophytes based on total cpDNA Kelch et al.


Moss gametophytes lack internal transport tissues, which, coupled with the absence of cuticlesleads to the water-loss characteristic of bryophytes. Ramsay, Osculatia De Not. Dacryophyllum Ireland Daltonia Hook. Anderson Dozya Sande Lac.

Gametophyte stage develops from spores. Perssonia Bizot Phascopsis I. Rhizoid sederhana, terdiri atas sel-sel tunggal.

Polytrichum – Wikipedia

Buck, Chileobryon Enroth, Curviramea H. Male gametophytes of Polytrichum strictum bearing antheridia. These are small plants, no more than half an inch off the ground, that can be flat and ribbon-shaped or leafy.

Looking down on it, the Common Hair Cap Moss has a star shaped appearance because of the pointed leaves arranged spirally at right angles around a stiff stem 3. This minimises water loss as relatively little tissue is directly exposed to the environment, but allows for enough gas exchange for photosynthesis to take place. Klasifikassi rhizoid are unicellular and smooth but in Marchantiales there is two types rhizoid: One of these water broyphyta tissues is termed the hydromewhich makes up the central cylinder of stem tissue.

Thallus cells may have chloroplast and oil bodies. Muscoherzogia Ochyra Myrinia Schimp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.